Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation (SSTDF)

Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation, a non-profit administrational organization for S&T developing funds, is initiated by Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, approved by Shanghai People’s Government and the People’s Bank of China Shanghai Branch, registration approved by Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs.

The missions of SSTDF are to promote the prosperity and development of science and technology, to advance the science communication and to facilitate the cultivation and growth of the scientific talents, thus contributing to the technical progress and improvement of scientific and cultural literacy of Shanghai citizens.

Under the principle of ‘from people and for people’, SSTDF has provided the funds donated by the enterprises, domestic and overseas organizations and individuals who are dedicated to the development of science and technology for many reward programs including the science elites awards, the domestic and overseas academic exchanges, cultivation of young and middle-age scientific workers; and various adolescent scientific activities. Since its establishment in 1988, SSTDF has received supports and concerns from the people with enthusiasm for the science development. Currently, the regular sponsorship items established include: Science Elites Award, Shanghai Youth Elites Award, Popular Science Award, the Fei Xiang Sponsoring Project, the Chen Guang Sponsoring Project and so on. Moreover, it has organized many unset sponsoring projects for different scientific events, such as soft research issues, training project for middle and high level professional and technical personnel, application of scientific achievements and knowledge in rural regions, Scientific Contests among Shanghai Citizens and Science Exhibition of Century Review, etc. These reward programs cover the fields of spiritual civilization construction, academic research and exchanges, public understanding of science, management and construction of academic societies and argumentation of the major engineering projects, which have played an active part in promoting scientific development in Shanghai through public-interest activities.

SSTDF expects more supports and helps from all walks of life, and will continue to sponsor the scientific projects as before, so as to advance the prosperity and development of science.