Message from Council

During the last over 30 years since its establishment, Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation (hereinafter to be referred as SSTDF) has been growing and developing with the concerns, understanding, supports and trusts from government, enterprises and organizations at home and abroad, that are dedicated to furthering the cause of science and technology. Hereby, on behalf of all the members of the council, extend our sincere thanks and high respect to all of you.


In the past 20 years, according to its aims ruled in the constitution, SSTDF has vigorously sponsored scientific rewards, academic exchanges and the work of science popularization, which have contributed to the development of science and technology and improved the scientific and cultural literacy of citizens in Shanghai.


With the constant deepening of the ‘Reform and Opening up to the world’, SSTDF has been playing an increasingly important role. So we will work harder, and expect your continuing concerns and supports to SSTDF as well as the greater contributions to further prosperity and development of science and technology.