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The Sponsored project of the SSTDF

Science Elites Award established by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology in 1989 is offered every two years, which aims to award those young and middle-age science workers below the age of 55 with outstanding performance in promoting scientific progress and social and economic development in Shanghai. 10 science elites and 10 nominees are to be elected for each time.


The Sponsored project of the SSTDF

In order to further promote the environment of respecting knowledge and talents, encourage the young scientists’ innovational spirit, enthusiasm and creativity, the 3rd session of the 7th Plenary Conference of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology decided to set up Shanghai Youth Elite Award. Have been approved by the municipal government, this reward program is organized every two years since 2002. The candidates are those scientific workers under the age of 40, who can make great contributions in scientific and economic development in Shanghai as well as in China. 10 youth elites and 10 nominees are to be elected for each time.


The Sponsored project of the SSTDF

The Fei Xiang Sponsoring Project was jointly established by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation in 2003 with the purpose of encouraging the young scientific workers in Shanghai under the age of 40 to participate the international academic conferences abroad, which aims to invigorate the academic exchanges, promote the growth of young scientific talents and speed up the scientific progress and social development. The transportation fares can be sponsored for young scientists attending the academic conference abroad. Since its establishment, nearly 50 young scientists have got the sponsorship, thus producing the excellent social impact.


The Sponsored project of the SSTDF

Established jointly by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation, organized by Shanghai Science Popularization Press, the Chen Guang Sponsoring Project has started since 2003 in order to support and encourage the young scientists at or below the age of 45 to write scientific papers and books, to further promote the science research and communication, and to speed up the cultivation of scientific talents. This sponsorship of the project is specially offered for publishing the original natural science books written by young scientists and scholars, among whom there are 5 applicants to be sponsored every year on publishing a book with 1500 copies for each person.


The Sponsored project of the SSTDF

Shanghai International Science & Art exhibition, co-sponsored by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the People’s Government of Shanghai Pudong New Area and Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, has been held since 2004, which has now become one of the key events in Shanghai Science Festival / Week after five years of cultivations. With the aim of ‘bringing science come close to the public and integrating art into our life’, following the master line of ‘exhibition – forum – performance’, the exhibition will demonstrate and interpret courageously the remarkable and creative idea and modern philosophy of ‘infiltration of science into art in life and integrating art with science’ through displaying pictures, articles and exhibits together and by the means of using simultaneously sound and photoelectron. In addition, with the unique design of the exhibition hall and the fine idea exhibits and a variety of fun and educational activities, people can fully appreciate the endless charm in integration of science and art. During the exhibition period, a series of supporting events such as the Academician Forum, the Science and Art Forum and the Ceremony of Paintings Donation, etc. are also organized.


The Sponsored project of the SSTDF

The Science Week of the Digital Life, as one of the key activities in Shanghai Science Festival / Week, has been organized for seven times since 2001 and attracted more than 30,000 people to participate, which becomes the grand event for people to share the digital life and has received a very positive response in the society. The activities in the Week include the exhibition of the digital life experience, the digital life forum, the digital photography exhibition and competition, the Blog show made by young and old people, the contests of the online play games, the produced web pages as well as the community tour of scientific lectures.